Melayu Islam

“If Malays want to defend their rights, go ahead based on Bumiputera rights or whatever. But you cannot say Islam does not defend you because you are Chinese or Indian. Islam was not given just to the Malays. Do not in your efforts to defend Malay rights relate it to Islam. Islam was not sent down by God to protect Malays but all of humanity,” – Bekas Mufti Perlis Mohamad Asri Zainul Abidin.

Alih bahasa kasar…

“Jika orang Melayu mahu mempertahankan haknya, teruskan berdasarkan hak-hak yang diperuntukan kepada Bumiputera dan sebagainya. Tetapi, jangan gunakan Islam untuk mempertahankan Melayu dan tidak mempertahankan hak bukan Melayu. Islam bukan diturunkan semata-mata untuk umat Melayu.”

One thought on “Melayu Islam

  1. Correct. From the news I read about Mas, seems like the government is such a shameful Muslim representative of malaysia since they practice corruption (money wise). Islam definitely didn’t teach that.

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